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Length: 5.2 Mts Width: 48 cm Capacity: 35 - 75 kg



About This Project

The Think Jet was specifically developed for the smaller and/or lighter paddler. The Jet can easily accommodate paddlers ranging in size from 1.35 M to 1.80 M (4’4″ – 5’11”). The hump below the knees has been lowered significantly, allowing paddlers to apply proper leg drive. The footboard in the Jet is reduced in size to work well for those with a smaller shoe size. The overall volume of the ski is appropriate for paddlers between 35 KG and 75 KG. The result is a less “corky” ski, with reduced windage and improved control. The dimensions of 5.2 Mts x 48 Cm make the Jet a com-petitive ski for the lighter athlete, with stability appropriate for the intermediate to advanced padd-ler.