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Length: 6.5 Mts Width: 51 Cm Capacity: 70 - 145 kg


Championship, Competitive, Performance

About This Project

The Duo S, a compact double-ski that provides big performance for smaller, lighter crews. The Duo S is the same length as an ICF Olympic Sprint K2 (club friendly), yet is stable enough for interme-diate surfski paddlers to take on their favourite downwind.
With a design focus on fitting the smaller athlete exceptionally well, we used the bucket and foot-well from our super popular Think Jet. This set-up fits athletes from 4’6″ (135cm) – 5’11” (180cm), offering superior ergonomics for leg drive and rotation, not to mention superior comfort.
The rocker line and volume are tuned for the lighter crew, reducing windage and maximising the waterline. The Duo S also has side and end carry handles for easy handling off the water, plus a quick-adjust footboard system. The end result is a stable, fast double that guarantees twice the smiles.

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