Which Think is for You?

Below are some general guidelines for which Think Kayak may be best for you. Of course we recommend trying them all, and talking with an experienced dealer to help you make the best choice.

Think Evo

A versatility monster; the Evo is great for racing, training, and big water days. It has enough speed to compete with the big guns, but she’s willing to forgive your little mistakes. The Evo is for you if you paddle with a passion, but may not have racked up years of experience just yet.

Think Legend

You live to paddle, and you love a good race. Paddling is your sport, unless the water freezes (and then you XC ski, cause it’s good cross-training). You want a platform with enough stability to maximize your engine, without giving up speed. The Legend is a great choice for you if competition is your focus, and you plan to be in the lead pack.

Think Uno

World Cup tested and proven, the Uno is FAST! The bottom line; there is always a compromise between stability and speed. The Uno gives up a little bit of the former (but not too much), and goes like stink. Best suited to experienced pilots.

Above all, we recommend a boat that is fun, inspires confidence, and allows you to paddle your best all the time. Don’t be lured into buying the “fastest” boat. What is fast for a pro, may not be fastest, or the best choice for you!

Think Uno Max

The latest addition to our elite fleet. Like big conditions? This is the boat for you. Designed with the bigger paddler in mind, the Uno Max is a higher volume ski than its counterpart, the Uno. With the seat moved back, it allows for quick changes of direction, making it easy to jump from run to run. Offering a little more stability than the Uno, it relishes solid, downwind conditions, as well as excelling in the flatter stuff as evidenced in its race results.

Think Fit

You might be new to performance paddling, but definitely not to the idea of high performance! The Fit is a great choice for you if you want a fun, light, and fast craft, but paddling may not be your only sport. You still plan to bike, run, and generally be adventurous. The Fit is a speedy training partner that doesn’t ask to see your paddling licence before you go for a joy ride.

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