Think PowerWing

Our PowerWing has gone through extensive prototyping and testing, with the end result offering a true performance breakthrough. It’s the perfect marriage of a high performance blade AND a revolutionary shaft. The PowerWing blade provides a smooth but solid catch. They are stable all the way through the stroke, and clean on the exit. The medium/small blade size is perfect for ski racing or fitness paddling.

The blades are then mated to our unique small diameter shaft (25.4 mm), and then finished with the PowerGrip grip tape. The PowerGrip itself offers the right amount of grip vs.slip, and requires significantly less effort to control the paddle. The end result is less fatigue in your fingers and forearms, offering a real world advantage. By beginning with the smaller diameter shaft, it allows us to add the PowerGrip, while keeping the overall diameter ideal for comfort and performance. The shaft is a two-piece adjustable, 206 – 216 cm. Our locking mechanism is a simple stainless clamp that does not slip, creep, seize, or bind. Sometimes simple is best. The result is a two-piece paddle you can trust to perform long term.