About Think Kayak

Think Kayak are the premier designer and manufacturer of cutting edge, high performance surf skis, catering for all levels of paddler, from beginners right through to elite athletes.

Originating in Canada, and the brain child of boat designer Daryl Remmler, the brand has shown itself to be a market leader in design and innovation since its inception. Through constant research and development, Think Kayak offer a wide range of craft, in many different construction options to suit every paddler. Our craft are manufactured using only the highest quality composite materials, as we strive to provide paddlers across the globe with the best skis imaginable. This is reflected in the athletes racing at the highest level on Think Kayaks, and the results they have achieved.
Think Kayak Australia is run by Stewart O’Regan, and is based in Sydney. We have established a nationwide network of dealers who can provide you with all the information needed to choose the right ski for the most important customer… you.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and we look forward to see you where it counts, on the water!