Ten Island Race in Sweden

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640 x 360 Two skis


I’m Adriel Young, part of the Think Kayak family in Australia and currently residing in Sweden. After having a bit of time off the water, I was contacted by the captain of the Thule Adventure Race Team, Martin Flinta, (a world Champion in multisport and off road triathlon) to team up to take on the Ten Island Race here in Sweden, a combination of surfski paddling, running, orienteering and swimming. I jumped at the chance to get back into some surfki racing and thanks to the legends at Kajaktiv and Think, I was able to tee up an Uno Max to race. I had a few practice paddles with the team in the week leading up to the race to get a feel for this race rocket of a ski and tune my paddling skills.



640 x 360 Lake

The lakes here where I am living are awesome for paddling and there are hundreds in the Gothenburg.



The race went really well. We built up a little lead chasing some runs on the ski before cementing our lead in the final swim/run section. The organisers of this race deserve a big shout out. Such an amazing event and so well organised, the volunteers along the way and the crowd were awesome. I can’t recommend enough a race like this or even just going for a paddle when you visit Gothenburg. The West Coast and Gothenburg’s Archipelago are so unique and picturesque, a real paddling paradise, everywhere you look is like a postcard. There are some awesome down-winders to be had here also.

I can’t thank James Venimore at Kajaktiv enough for the awesome Uno Max and Stew O’Regan at Think Kayak Australia for the hook up. I am definitely keen to come back for this race in 2017.