New Composite Cross Piece

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640 x 360


Our very latest product development is a new composite cross piece/tiller plate, designed to work in sync with our 316 stainless rudder pin.

As designers of marine craft we are very conscious of galvanic corrosion and strive to keep it to a minimum. Last year we introduced a new rudder pin system where a stainless allen screw threads directly into the stainless rudder pin, resulting in reduced contact between aluminum and stainless steel. We were really happy with the result; a robust system that allows for quick change of rudder fins, as well as reduced build up of nasty grime as a result of corrosion. This season has seen us develop the idea further with the introduction of a new composite cross piece, which eliminates any chance of galvanic corrosion, while still providing you with strong and functional system to ensure accurate steering.

The new cross piece is available now through our online store, and will come fitted as standard to upcoming Think craft. It is backward compatible with the previous cross piece, so will work with any Think rudder delivered in the past 12 months in Australia. If you do have an older system and would like to upgrade to the latest design, a newer rudder will also be required.

In terms of maintenance, the new system requires very little input from the paddler. It is recommenced to flush the rudder box out with fresh water to stop any salt build up, or to wash out any sand which may have found its way in. It is also recommended to periodically inspect the rudder lines and ensure the allen screw is secure. Personally, I like to keep my gear in tip-top shape, so I wash my ski with fresh water after every paddle. Once a month I pop the rear hatch and give a quick squirt of water to keep inside clean, and inspect all the components.

If you would like any additional information on the new cross piece, or indeed anything Think Kayak related, please do not hesitate to give me a call.


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Think Kayak Australia

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