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In exciting news for the world of surfski, Hong Kong has been chosen to host the next ICF World Championships in 2017. The Dragon Run has built a huge reputation over the years in terms of the quality of race it offers, as well as fantastic organisation. In a true reflection of surfski growing as a world sport, the third world championships sees the event visit a third continent. Hong Kong is a focal point of surfski paddling in Asia, and no doubt will provide an event to remember. I managed to track down Bruce Seymour and grab a few moments from his hectic schedule to get some more information.

SOR: Bruce, firstly, a huge congratulations to you and the rest of the Hong Kong paddlers on being chosen to host the next World Championships.

BS:  Thank you Stewart, we are extremely proud to have been chosen to host this international event and would like to thank the Hong Kong Canoe Union and Hong Kong Water Sports Council for their support in bringing the race to Asia.

SOR: Lots of paddlers from around the world have visited Hong Kong for the Dragon Run before, including me. Will the world champ course follow the traditional Dragon Run course?

BS:  Yes absolutely! The course is what makes this race so great with its rugged coastline, beautiful islands and great downwind conditions.

SOR: Portugal and Tahiti have set a high bar in terms of being memorable events. What do you think will set Hong Kong apart for visiting paddlers?

BS:  Hong Kong is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and rightly so. We will endeavour to showcase the best that the city has to offer in terms of the local customs and Chinese culture. Hong Kong is so much more than a sprawling concrete jungle and incorporates 236 outlying islands and many stunning country parks. Paddlers, fans and accompanying family members will be able to explore some of these natural wonders as well as the local markets and restaurants.

SOR: Now, we all know surfski paddlers are obsessed with wind, and specifically downwind. When is the race planned, will it coincide with seasonal winds? And will you have a race window to try help paddlers enjoy a good downwind race?

BS:  Its early days yet however I can confirm that the race is scheduled for November 2017 when the NE Monsoon winds are well and truly embedded and if the conditions are anything like the 2015 Dragon Run we are in for a great race.

SOR: For paddlers thinking of heading to worlds, will you plan some races in the week or two leading up to the main race?

BS:   We have a healthy local racing series, The Victoria Series,  and will endeavour to include a local race prior to the main event in the 2017 calendar.

SOR: Obviously the news is still very fresh, but what do you think hosting such a prestigious event will do to help the growth and longevity of surfski in Hong Kong?

BS:   This is huge news for Hong Kong as traditionally surf ski has been the sport of choice for the expatriate paddling community. Local paddlers tend to focus on sprint and marathon paddling as well of course on dragon boat so we hope to encourage more of the local Chinese community to embrace surf ski paddling.

SOR: Thanks for your time today, Bruce. I think I represent a lot of surfski paddlers in expressing excitement at worlds heading to your great city, and I look forward to getting over there and taking part.