Christmas Ideas for Under $50

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The good news? Holidays are just around the corner, and that means more time to paddle. The bad news? You’ve got to get your Christmas present shopping done, and in a hurry! So in between the parties, get togethers and excessive food, we’ve got your back covered. Pop into our online store and pick up any of these products below for less than $50. Express, next day delivery by Australia Post. And if you spend more than $100, free delivery Australia wide.


250 x 250









Think Kayak Leg Leash $49
Safety on open water and in the ocean is paramount. Ensure you don’t get detached from your craft with this super strong leg leash. The comfortable neoprene ensures a nice fit on your leg, and it features a quick release clip if you need to unlock from your ski, or when coming through the surf break.



Foot Plate Pads 250 x 250









Foot Plate Pad $29
Feeling comfortable and in control is important to ensure you paddle well in the ocean. Our foot plate pad system is designed to give you great traction on the foot board and pedals, while being very comfortable on your feet.



250 x 250









Think Kayak Tie Down Straps $25
Secure your Think Kayak with our tie down straps, made by Rhino Rack. The rubber coated buckle ensures there are no marks left on your ski after carrying it on roof racks.













Micro Light Thermal Short Sleeve $44
Our range of paddling thermals will keep you warm in Winter so there will be nothing stopping you taking to the water year round. The breathable fabric wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable, and the short sleeve design is ideal for almost all conditions and seasons.



250 x 250









Think Kayak Paddling Cap $25
Be safe, be seen in our new paddling cap. Designed with surfski paddlers in mind, it is the ultimate in comfort, quality and safety. Designed by us and manufactured to our exact specifications.



We’ve got lots of new Vaikobi Think Kayak clothing in stock, as well as other accessories like PFDs, Vaaka Kayak Cadence Sensors and the like. Our online store if fully updated.

Don’t be shy about all those extra calories at this time of the year, gives you a great excuse to get out on the water and burn them all off in the best full body workout around, paddling.


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