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In simple terms, paddling is all about craft management. How you manage your ski in the runs will determine how well you can paddle downwind, the same way how you manage your positioning in a group will dictate how you succeed in a flat water race. One of the harder things for lots of people though, is managing their ski getting to and from the water, and with that in mind, Think Kayak have released an updated Evo II mold which incorporates carry handles in the cockpit of the ski.

Stable skis tend to be a little wider by nature, so when we released the Ace, we were conscious of making it an easy ski to carry. Carry handles were fitted to the cockpit area, making it a joy to carry around, even for smaller stature paddlers. The carry handles worked so well that we then added them to the Eze. One comment at that time came from a lady new to the sport who was struggling a little with getting to and from the water carrying her ski and paddle. When she tried the Eze with handles, she immediately said that they were “genius”, and that they “make life so easy”. She straight away purchased an Eze and has been happily paddling it ever since.


Eze handles


Our aim is to make surfski paddling accessible to as many people as possible. The new update to the Evo II meant it was straight away easier to carry, so paddlers who may have struggled previously, now had the option of confidently carrying the ski to and from the water. The addition of the new carry handles has come with great customer feed back, and has been a great success. One customer who bought an Evo II through Pro Kayaks in Sydney called me directly to say how stoked he was with them, and that they “were worth $1000 more to the ski for him”. That’s quite a wrap. Of course, we are conscious that the handles might not be what all paddlers are after in an intermediate ski, so we still provide the option of the Evo II without them.

The new carry handles are now an option on all Evo IIs, and are supplied at no extra charge. If you are after an intermediate ski which does it all (you’ve read the reviews, you know how good the Evo II is) but would something a little easier to manage off the water, check out the latest Evo II.

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