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Today is the first day of Winter, and it definitely felt it heading to training this morning. Billy Connolly once quipped that “There is no such thing as bad weather, just poor choice of clothing”. I get asked all the time what I wear to stay training through the Winter months in Sydney. Most non paddlers think we’re out there in full dry suits at this time of the year, but the advancement in recent years in the quality and technology of fabrics used means you can stay warm without having to wear heavy and restrictive clothing. Having the right kit means the hardest thing about paddling during Winter is getting out of bed when the alarm clock goes off.

The first piece of clothing I pack are my Think Kayak thermals. I always wear one long sleeve, and if it’s really cold, I’ll pop a short sleeve under it. Combining that with a PFD keeps the top half of my body nice and snug, without any restriction. I choose a Think Kayak PFD for a few reasons. Its cut means it’s really comfortable to wear, it’s super light weight at just 500gms and the bright colour really stands out on cold, bleak mornings. A high vis cap to make me more visible to the early morning ferry and boat traffic, in addition to mandatory lights on my ski ticks the safety boxes.

To keep the lower half of the body warm, I wear Vaikobi V Cold pants. These innovative leggins are designed specifically for paddlers, combining some new fabrics and specific cuts to ensure comfort and performance. The padded seat area ensures there is no rubbing or chaffing, so leg drive is never compromised. I normaly like to paddle in bare feet, but that’s a personal preference. I’ve got some very light neoprene socks on hand for the coldest of days, which you can pic up on EBay for about $20. As we get deeper into Winter, I’ll crack out the paddling mitts, which work a treat at keeping the hands warm as we punch up Sydney Harbour into the stiff morning Westerly winds.

All of the aforementioned gear is available on our online store, or you can order from your local Think Kayak rep. Don’t let Winter put a downer on your paddling!
Stewart O’Regan

Think Kayak Australia

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