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It’s a great pleasure to announce Mackenzie Hynard has joined Team Think and will race both nationally and internationally on the Uno Max this coming season. I managed to track down the very busy, and always salty, Macca for a quick chat.


Stew O’Regan: Mackenzie, welcome to the Team Think. It’s a pleasure for us to have such a great athlete join our race team. So first up, why surfski paddling? What has attracted you to the sport?

Mackenzie Hynard: Thank you very much for the opportunity. I have a strong passion for the ocean, I always have. Ocean ski racing comes hand in hand with the sport of Surf Life Saving, which I have competed in since I was nine. After some early success with surf club ski paddling, I decided to have a go at the ocean ski competition and I haven’t looked back. I’m hooked on it! My father also paddled both surf ski and slalom throughout his teen years and he has assisted me greatly through this new sport.


SOR: So the import stuff, age, any nicknames, food vices, favourite music?

MH: Twenty years of age.
Nicknames, Mac, Macca, Mac Daddy, Mac Attack .
I am a huge sucker for chocolate.
I like all types of music and can appreciate it all but I’m a huge Punk/Rock music fan.
Also petrified of scary movies

SOR: You’ve got a background in iron man racing and a huge love of the ocean. How will that help you in your surfski career?

MH: Yes that’s right, I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t in the ocean. I train in it, I currently work as a lifeguard at it and spending most of my free time there. I love reading the ocean, and trying to predict it, however it is quite difficult and a lot of the time I end up coming off second best to mother nature. Hopefully all the hours spent ocean throughout my clubbie career will pay dividends in the sport of surfski paddling.



SOR: Your Think Kayak of choice is the Uno Max. How have you been finding the swap over to this model, and what are your overall impressions of the ski?

MH: It is an awesome ski,. It is stable, it is comfortable and it runs well, there isn’t anything more you could ask for in a boat. I love it and highly recommend it.



SOR: Doing iron man racing, it’s obviously a tough multisport race made up of ski and board paddling, swimming, and running. Another multi sport event you’ve really enjoyed recently is Hydrothon. Like to tell us a little more about that?

MH: You have got that right sometimes I think it would be a lot easier if I were just focusing on one sport. Maybe that might be an idea. However I still love the surf club scene, the racing and the people involved. I currently race for Noosa Heads SLSC on the Sunshine Coast, however live, work and study in my hometown of Wollongong.
Hydrothon is a new event that was created in 2013 by Cronulla’s own Steve Southwell. It was his aim to integrate his old sport of triathlon with his new passion for Surf Life Saving competition into one. It is a great race in some perfect locations and one I am proud to be an ambassador for.



SOR: 2015 is your first season with Think, what are the plans for this coming year?

MH: I’m extremely excited for the coming season and cant wait to get racing and traveling. My plans are to experience the wider world through the sport of surfski paddling as well as posting some great results along the way.



SOR:  What kind of things do you like to get up to away from paddling and help unwind?

MH: More time in the water really it never stops and I can’t seem to get enough of it, I truthfully I start to go a little mental if I haven’t had a salt water fix in a few days haha. I quite like plane flights now as it seems to be the only time I get to unwind and relax, unless there are crying babies on the plane, that’s a whole other story.



SOR: Do you stand any chance of competing with the Rice brothers at the dinner table when you guys will be away racing on international duty, and if so, what’s your strategy? A heads up, these oakes can eat!!

MH: I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I may need to keep them close to my chest though, if my tactics get out I’ll stand no chance, as the Rice brothers are some gigantic men. There has even been some speculation that younger brother Kenny may be leaving the surfski world due to a lucrative signing deal with the Springboks, but I’ll let him tell the rest of that story.



SOR:  Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today, Mackenzie. Welcome again to Team Think, and best of luck for the 2015 season.

MH: Thank you, Its my pleasure and I’m stoked to be apart of it.



Stewart O’Regan

Think Kayak Australia

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