The Famous Cut Run

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DCIM101GOPROWe’re back in Perth for the second running of the Doctor in 2014. The event has been rescheduled from January to November for various reasons, but one of those is wind,  strong consistent wind. This place goes off with South, South Westerly winds, creating cleaning flowing runs all the way up the coastline. You’d probably have to be living in a non surfski bubble to never hear of the Cut Run in Mandurah, a town south of Perth. Think Kayak WA’s Adam Fahey lives in the area and has been teasing me for years with Garmin files and videos of hectic downwind paddles. This trip I’ve had the chance to get down to Mandurah for a few days and we’ve had two runs down the legendary course. I can confirm that the hype is real!

Saturday we raced at the West Coast Downwind event from Freemantle to Sorrento, a great 24km course. Winds were a little west on the day, but it was still a very enjoyable race. So when we saw more Southerly winds scheduled for Sunday afternoon, the call was made for a Cut Run. About 8 of us took it on, and it was a lot of fun. I must admit, conditions were a little messy, with probably some residual west hanging around from the day before, but still 12km of runs were to be had.

Monday morning saw Sean and Kenny Rice land in from Hong Kong. After some boat prep, lots of food (they do eat as much as has been talked about), the trailer was loaded and we headed South again. Seabreeze was showing even better conditions than the previous day, so there were some pretty excited locals talking things up. The course record was discussed, and if it could be lowered. When we arrived at the start, in the limo, it was howling. Run after run, white caps all the way up the coast. It looked fantastic.



One of the great things about the Cut Run is the easy entry and exit points, both in very protected waters. Everyone jumped on and paddled across to the shelter of the break wall. In the mean time Adam had set up a quick Web Scorer race to track the times, and with the drop of a red flag, we all tore off North. As soon as we poked our noses out from the break wall, there were big bumps to drop down, and it never let up the whole way. The only thing to worry about was what would be the quickest line. A few went deep, some went closer to shore, but at the finish, everyone raved about how much fun it was.

And the record? Well when a world champion rocks into town, and the conditions are on, and he’s paddling an Uno Max Ultimate. Was it ever in doubt? Having his brother chasing hard looking for scalp also meant the pace was on. Sean posted this just after the paddle.

“Just did one of the best downwind runs of the year from “The Cut” (pronounced slightly differently by the Aussies) to Mandurah. 12.33 km with average speed of 17.8 km/hr and Max speed of 23.1km/hr. So good!”

The week after the Doctor we get to race this course, hopefully there is as much wind as last night, as it will be an absolute blast if there is.

For you Instagram and Twitter fans, you can follow Team Think in Perth for the week by following the #thinkdoctor2014 hashtag. Keep an eye out for our caps and tees too. We’ve got a special supporter pack offer of a cap and tee for just $39, available through Think Kayak WA.

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