Think Kayak BodyScience Paddling Shorts

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We’re well known for making comfortable skis, where ergonomics play a huge role in how our designs allow you to paddle at your best. Having a comfortable ski is really important to your paddling enjoyment, but equally as important is wearing the right clothing. We’ve had some fantastic paddle tops available for a number of years now, as well as our visible from space, Think Kayak PFDs, but one area we’ve been lacking was paddling shorts, until now.  Lots of paddlers will get rubbing or chaffing for various reasons, from the shape of their backsides, the seat design on their ski, or a slouching posture while paddling. For me, using a padded short fixed up any issues I had from normal shorts. Prior to the 2012 Games in London, the men’s kayak team worked with top supplement and clothing brand, BodyScience to develop a multi-hull short. BSc are well knows in the compression garment sphere, with ground breaking fabrics and cuts developed in conjunction with elite Australian sport stars. The performance advantages of compression garments are well documented, and when paired with a neoprene rear pad, make for cutting edge paddling shorts. When the opportunity to work with BSc arose, I jumped at it, and set about bringing some fresh products to our paddlers.

We have two colour options, a simple black with white branding, and a brighter blue and white combo. While the neoprene rear and the compression material are two of the big features of these shorts, the stitching and panels are also critical to the performance of the garment. One really cool aspect is the panel at the bottom front of the leg, which is stitched on the top and bottom, and stops the shorts riding up your leg on big downwind days, a really important consideration for your comfort.















I’ve been wearing the BSc shorts for over 12 months now, and alternate between two pairs, paddling them every day, and both have stood the test of time being thrown into the washing machine after every paddle and they are still as good as they day I got them. I’ve been seriously impressed with the quality and functionality of these Australian made shorts.

You can grab yourself a pair online at or from your local Think Kayak dealer. Rubbing and chaffing now are a thing of the past.


Yours with a sincerely comfy bum,


Stewart O’Regan

Think Kayak Australia

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