PFD crackdown on NSW waterways

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NSW Maritime are having a major crack down on the wearing of PFDs on NSW waterways. Paddlers on Sydney Harbour are now regularly reporting the issuing of fines for non complience of regulations in regards to wearing PFDs. There has been lots of debate on the rules, and some exemptions exist, such as being within 100mt of shore. The only sure fire way to avoid action is to paddle in a PFD. Debate will continue to rage on the relevance of PFDs in surfski paddling, particularly in Australia where they are not historically part of paddlers’ equipment, but they fact now is, we have to wear them, so we may as well get used to it.

At Think Kayak, we’ve brought a high performance PFD to the market, with the aim to provide a product which was both light, and non restrictive. The huge cutaways at the neck and shoulders allow for full rotation and comfort in every part of the stroke, and the 500gm weight means it feels light on the body while wearing. We’ve also made sure that it is super high vis (we cannot confirm reports that they’ve been seen from the moon, but that wouldn’t surprise us!) to ensure your safety on the water.

I wrote a blog on racing in PFDs a while back, which may be worth revisiting for some. I hope some of the points in there help you to get more comfortable and perform better.

Our PFDs are available through our wide network of dealers, and also though the online store here. Paired with one of our high vis paddling caps, they ensure you’ll be spotted on the water.

Remember, be safe, be seen!

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