New Foot Plate Pads

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Over the past few months you will have noticed that we have expanded our range to include many new accessories, one of which is our foot plate pad system.

A lot of the blogs you read on this site concern good technique, and how that impacts performance. From having a ski with good ergonomics to setting the straps up on your ski to aid with leg drive, there are lots you can do to improve your technique. The final piece in that puzzle in regards to good connection concerns the foot plate and pedals. There are lots of different solutions to increase the grip on your foot plate, such as surf wax, grip tape and the like. Our solution is to provide a really comfortable foam pad system which also provides excellent grip.

An efficient paddle stroke utilises a lot of leg drive to propel the boat forward, applying the power of the trunk through the hips and legs. By having good grip on your foot plate you aid that application of power. The use of a high density foam means all the power you apply as you drive the foot into the plate helps drive the boat forward, increasing your speed and efficiency.  The bonus is that it is extremely comfortable on the feet. In addition, it looks good, and we all like our gear to look as flash as possible, don’t we?

The pads are cut to fit any Think Kayak foot plate, and are a simple installation . No cutting on your part, and no messing with sticky glue, the pads stick straight to your plate and pedals. Instant grip, and instant good looks. Voila! The foot plate pads are available through the online store, in the accessories section.

See what increased foot plate grip can do for your paddling.




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