Our new creation, the Eze

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Our new creation, the Eze.

You hear stories from your friends of amazing sunrises, of catching runs, of getting fit. The lure of glistening harbours, shimmering lakes and the open ocean is calling you to try the wonderful sport of paddling. So where do you start? First up, you obviously need to get on a ski, and one which will allow you to experience the best sport on the planet, in both a fun and safe environment. Our latest creation, the Eze, is just that craft. Through the whole design process, having fun paddling was at the forefront of our thoughts. With any new sport, there will always be a period of frustration getting used to both new equipment and new techniques. We wanted to create a ski which allowed you to quickly find your water legs and confidently progress as a paddler.

Traditionally, the big brands have all had skis which many paddlers were introduced to paddling on. A short while ago, one of our competitors, Epic introduced the V8. This redefined the class, offering more stability than previous models, and its shorted length made it easier to handle. We could see that a lot of the intentions of this craft made sense but as always, we believed we could design something in the “Think Tank” which was better.

Stability is key to the success of the Eze, but equally, we don’t believe that you have to paddle a bath tub feel solid on the water. The Eze shares the sleek lines of its brothers in the Think range, the Evo II and the Uno Max. It is characterised by a sharp bow, giving the feeling of a fast racing machine, with more than sufficient volume to enjoy fun downwind conditions. One of the first things you will notice when compared to its competitor is how much easier it is to carry, it is simply not as bulky and wide, which makes it more accessible to women and children. Straight away you have a craft which the whole family can enjoy. Another direct comparison is that in glass constructions, the Eze is a full 2kgs lighter than the V8, making it easier to paddle, easier to lift on and off the car… in fact everything about the boat is Eze.

The Eze shares all the features and fittings you have become accustomed to with Think Kayak, such as leash anchor point, carry handles, weed deflector, adjustable foot rest, Q-Power spectra lines and closable venturi. Constructed in exactly the same way as all the other skis in our range, all Ezes feature internal Kevlar seams and stringers and are manufactured to the highest composite standards, using vacuum bagging techniques to produce light and rigid skis.

We have had a demo Eze in Sydney since November, and the feed back has been excellent. It has not only met our expectations, but far exceeded them. A new blog which started last year, called Sydney Surf Ski posted a very telling review of the Eze, and it’s worth a read if this craft is on your wish list. Read it here.

At this stage, Think has introduced 6 different designs to the market here in Australia. When we introduced the Eze, we knew we had a very good product, but how good, we couldn’t quantify. That has been answered in the extremely strong sales of the design, which have been amazing. The exciting things for us that it provides us the opportunity to introduce lots of new people to the sport we love so much, and to see smiles on people’s faces, who previously thought surf ski paddling may be beyond them, has been very rewarding and a lot of fun. Just what paddling should be.

We have demo skis available here in Sydney, as well as Perth, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Melbourne. If you would like to try the Eze, please do not hesitate to ask and we can direct you to your local dealer.

Until next time, have fun out there on the water,