My Kayak Coach Technique Session

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At Think Kayak Australia, we are lucky enough to work with many knowledgeable, experienced and interesting characters. And Jimmy Walker is no exception. The brains behind the hugely successful, he is an experienced paddler who has raced at the highest level in surf ski and kayak events, reaching an Olympic final along the way. Since retiring, he has become a very successful coach, passing on his vast of the sport to paddlers of all levels, from absolute beginners, to Olympic athletes. In the new high tech age we all live, Jimmy recognised an opportunity to bring his passion to a much wider audience, and through a series of excellent blogs and podcasts, has created a truly informative and innovative website.

So when the call went out that we had arranged a technique session, response was huge. Paddlers came from all directions to St George Kayak Club on the Cooks River in Sydney. The focus of the session was flat water technique, and the paddlers were run through a series of land drills and water drills to help improve their paddling. Upon arrival, every participant received a t-shit with the line “I’ve been drilled by My Kayak Coach”, and drilled they were, everyone gaining lots of new techniques to help with strong catch, good rotation and solid leg drive. Once the land session was completed, 35 excited paddlers jumped on the water to apply what they had learned. Many paddlers commented how effective the drills were, with a few saying that their sore abs were a good sign that they were now paddling correctly with their body, rather than just using their arms.

The three hour session concluded with Australia Sports Nutrition presenting some of their range of performance and recovery products.

Our customers are important to us, and as a small way of saying thank you for choosing a Fit, Evo, Legend or Uno as their ski of choice, we provide the session free of charge to all Think Kayak paddlers.

Looking forward to the next session, brought to you by My Kayak Coach and Think Kayak.

Now I’m off to work on some drills.