Sean Rice Interview Part II – Training

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In Part II of Sean Rice’s interview with Stewart O’Regan of Think Kayak Australia, Sean fields some training questions, submitted by curious paddlers from Australia. What does this red-hot kid from Cape Town do to go so fast?

Stewart O’Regan (SOR): I’ve had some people want to know about different aspects of your training and equipment, so here are some quick questions:

SOR: Do you prefer one long (say 2 hour) training session per day or split between a morning and arvo session?

SR: Definitely splitting it up! It makes doing that 2hrs of paddling a day so much easier and you can split it up between a 10-15km grind in the morning and intervals in the evening. Some of the guys here will paddle on the flat/gym before work and then hop on the sea for a session in the afternoon.

SOR:What cross training does you do?

Sean Rice (SR):I’m racing so often I don’t find much time to cross train but I do enjoy trail running. I’m a heavy guy at the best of times so it’s the quickest and easiest way for me to drop some of that extra luggage ha ha

SOR: It has been commented that you seem to prefer racing the Uno to the Uno Max.

SR: I don’t so much ‘prefer’ it. I’ve spent a good amount of time in the Max and have enjoyed it just as much as the Uno. I train in the Uno more often so it just makes sense to sometime stick with what you are used to and not mix things up to much. I’m looking forward to racing the Max again this year.

SOR: Do you do any technique sessions weekly?

SR: I don’t do too much technique focus in my ski. Technique is very very important but I prefer to just make sure I have a comfortable stroke and if for some reason my shoulders/fore arms etc do start to take strain then I’ll look at where I’m going wrong and correct it.

SOR: How do you structure your training around paddling on the flat water and out in the swells?

SR: 80% flat 20% swell training. I’m very fortunate to have a coach Peter Cole (Orka Training) who has a very enthusiastic and competitive squad paddling his sessions every day. I do hard quality sessions with the flat water guys and my longer paddles on the sea doing down winds etc.

SOR: Do you prefer to do most of your hard sessions without assistance and then only do a couple of sessions a week in the swell?

SR: Nearly all of my HARD training is done on the flat. With paddling on the flat there is no where to hide!

SOR: Do you use the same paddle size for flat races and big swells?

SR: I paddle with the same blades Orka Super Flex but I will paddle with a slightly longer paddle length on flatter conditions. I range between 210cm for down wind and 213cm for flatter stuff. I really enjoy the Orka Super Flex. I’ve been racing with them for over 3 years now and they’ve shown great results.

SOR: Can you share your garmin file from the EuroChallenge with us?

SR: Flip I wish I could but I’m not sure if I have it anymore. I don’t really use that function much to be honest ha ha… It would be like replaying the pain over and over again ha ha

So there is a brief rundown on how this champion paddler approaches his training. Hopefully it can give you some insight on what works for an elite racer, and maybe apply some of those principles to your own training program.

You can check out Sean’s paddle sponsor, Orka Paddles.

See you on the water,

Stew O’Regan.

Think Kayak Australia.