Rudder Selection

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One of the great attractions of owning a surf ski is that it can be paddled in all sorts of conditions, and water types. From surfing down huge ocean swells, to paddling on a flat lake, a surf ski handles it all. However, different rudder shapes are sometimes not ideal for various conditions, and with that in mind, Think Kayak have an extensive range of fins, to suit every condition. Here’s a run through what we can offer you.

  • #1 This fin has been designed for flat or shallow water conditions. It is a favourite amongst river paddlers, where weed is an issue, and multi sport racers, where shallow rivers can pose a threat to longer fins, sometimes breaking them off. It has a 3inch depth


  • #2 A fin designed to perform on flat water, where a little more steering is required, such as a harbour or river race, requiring more steering inputs to remain on the optimum position on the wash of competitors. The rake also works well in weedy conditions. It has a 5inch depth.


  • #3 The 7inch fin is targeted more at ocean conditions. It is the preference of athletes who prefer a more neutral feel to their steering, rather than the very reactive feel the larger, more elliptical fins offer. It is also the rudder of choice for races in weedy oceans, with the rake ensuring weed won’t put a stop to you achieving a good result.


  • #4 The 9inch elliptical fin is a favourite amongst the downwind addicts. It offers very responsive, and accurate steering, allowing for quick changes of direction when chasing from run to run.


  • #5 The 10inch is our “Big Berta”, designed to work in the most extreme downwind conditions, when you need maximum steering capabilities in the toughest of conditions.


  • #6 is our original “Surf Fin”, offering a nice neutral feel, similar to the 7inch fin, but with a little more surface area for those requiring a bigger fin face.


  • #7 was our very first rudder fin. Intended as a one size fits all, the more we learned about the various conditons our skis were being used, and what athletes demanded of our craft, the more we were aware that we needed to expand our range to cater for varying conditions, and indeed the athletes themselves.


All of our skis come with a 7inch or 9inch fin of your choice, as standard. Any of the other fins can be supplied upon request. If you require any further information on our rudder fins, just drop an e-mail to and we will get back to you quickly with an answer to your queries.

Stewart O’Regan

Think Kayak Australia