Think Evo II

The Evo has always been a great introductory to intermediate level ski. With the Evo II we kept the best bits, and made some changes to create the absolute best boat in this class.

Stability is key for paddlers, particularly those new to the sport. The stability level of the Evo has been maintained, with small changes made to the rocker at the front of the ski. The tail has also had some attention, with rocker change and some volume removed from the tail. This has resulted in the Evo II being “freer” in the tail, allowing it to change direction more easily on runs, and the increased overall rocker makes it easier to chase runs and swell. The new cutaways make the paddle entry a lot narrower, allowing the paddler to get a much closer catch, therefore creating more stability, and allowing the paddler to apply more power.

* Length: 20’ 6” / 6.25m
* Width: 19” / 48cm
* Capacity: 120-240lbs / 60-110kg

* Performance – Fibreglass/Coremat/Epoxy/Vacuum $3499
Weight: 15.5kg

* Elite – Interwoven Carbon-Kevlar/Honeycomb/Epoxy/Vacuum $4599
Weight: 12.5kg

* Ultimate – Carbon/Honeycomb//Kevlar/Epoxy/Vacuum $5499
Weight: 10.5kg